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Factional IT Leaders 

CIO / CTO / IT Directors

Factional means that our team divide their time between several businesses, hence they work ‘fractionally’.

We aim to be your Technology Board Advisor bring about a step-change in your business, its positioning, and its value.


Why is a fractional IT leader better than an interim or consultant, or than hiring a permanent employee in-house? Our people are more than interims, consultants, freelancers or employees, they are an integral part of your senior leadership team.

These days tech is at the heart of every ambitious mid-market businesses. You need a first-class IT leader at the top table, but you don’t need this person full-time.

Our unique model provides a cost-effective way to get the best talent in the business on your team.

This is all we do! We are not going to sell you software licenses, hardware, service centres, helpdesks, cloud servers or a CFO! We’re not pretending to give you a strategy when we’re actually trying to sell you something else. 

Best in the business. We attract, screen, test, interview and assess more experienced IT leaders than anyone else. Every one of our team is hand-picked on the basis of their skills and experience but also their ability to fit in to the culture of a mid-market businesses like yours.

Continuing professional development. Our team are fully engaged with a programme of knowledge sharing, briefings and training from companies across the sector. Our people gain exclusive knowledge and training in tech, business and leadership from industry experts.

Our black book. We have built up unique knowledge of tech suppliers and products and can call on companies and individuals we know and trust where necessary. We know who to trust, and who not to trust!

A cohesive team. We are the largest and most experienced team of C-level tech leaders. Our people share knowledge and opinions behind the scenes to ensure you get the benefit of the entire team. The team is led by a Director (https://www.linkedin.com/in/simonlascelles/) who ensures they work together for your benefit.

No lock-in/low-risk. We don’t insist on an upfront payment or commitment to a six figure sum. We demonstrate value every day or else just tell us to stop immediately. It’s as simple as that. 

Price point. Our people are the best in the business, but as you take a fraction of their time the price point is affordable. We set our prices appropriate to the mid-market and we don’t cross-sell or up-sell.

Commercial and relevant. We are business people and we speak your language. Our IT strategies are always tuned to the needs of the business and the commercial reality.

 Don’t think of us as outsourced.  We’re on your side. Our only interest is your success, we’re accountable for what we do, and we’re in it for the long-term.

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Milton Keynes



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