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CIO / CTO / IT Directors Mentor Groups


Be part of a peer-to-peer group of handpicked, Board-level IT Leaders. The group meetings and one-on-one sessions are about knowledge sharing, collaboration and support for one another’s growth. A Mentor Group is a safe environment to discuss your challenges and gather advice in order to drive your personal and business goals.


We know how tough it is to run a technology department. And how lonely it is too. Every time we chat with CIOs and CTOs, they worry about a lack of engagement at the top and having no-one to turn to. Even in good times, there’s often no-one to share successes with. As the well-worn phrase goes, ‘It’s lonely at the top’. A Mentor Group can help.


Support from like-minded professionals

When you join a Mentor Group, you’ll find a collection of like-minded IT leaders who will welcome you into their established social circle. They will listen, help, and encourage you to be successful.

If you’ve ever needed an impartial place to turn to when facing a difficult decision, or wanted independent insight and opinions on technology, strategy, leadership and delivery, then being a member of our Mentor Groups gives you all that and more.

Grow your network properly

We all know conferences and events are supposed to provide networking opportunities. But, they’re not great – how many of us end up sticking with the initial group of people we started the day with? And on top of that many of us hate networking like that too.

Our Mentor Groups provide you with a social circle of like-minded professionals at a similar career level in similar-sized corporations. We carefully select the people in each group to ensure a great match. The power of meeting regularly means you form a wider and stronger base for your network.

A coach who’s been there and done it

Your CEO is unlikely to really understand you or be able to provide you with the mentoring and coaching you crave. Joining our Mentor Groups instantly provides you with a mentor group and one-to-one coaching.

Every Mentor Group is run by a Chair who’s an ex board-level IT leader and a qualified coach. They meet with every group member on a one-to-one basis every month. That’s part of our commitment to you: we’ll help you grow.

Learn and Share

Every mentor group meets monthly. We follow a tried and tested meeting methodology that ensures you gain from every session. We use the latest frameworks, methods and industry best practices, and we utilise external experts where appropriate to ensure you go back to work refreshed, energised and with an enhanced toolset.

Everyone helps: sometimes you’ll be the one giving that critical insight. On other occasions it’ll be you asking for advice and guidance.

We’re here for you. Join a Mentor Group and get the support you need.

In order to get the most out of being a member, you need to be open, different and vital. That means our members aim to be impartial the whole time and share without expecting recompense and they’re honest and say what they think. Our members are creative and pro-active, working with the group for the best interests of every individual within the group. Our members are energetic, they get things done and are always willing to go the extra mile.

It needs to be easy for our members to attend the monthly meeting so our groups are geographic in nature. Members of a group will have come from a relatively small geographic area, for instance:





Milton Keynes



This is an opportunity for CIOs, CTOs and IT Directors that are in full-time employment. You won’t encounter consultants or interims in our groups. You should be at least 6-24 months into your first CIO/CTO role, these groups are for established CIOs, CTOs and IT Directors.

You need to commit to up to one day a month out of the office and a couple of hours one-to-one coaching in your office once a month too. This isn’t a lot of time to invest in yourself and help your company grow.

I am too busy

It’s so important to make time for your own development, especially in the fast-moving technology space. The time commitment, one day per month for the group session, plus any one-to-one coaching sessions required. Leadership is about effective delegation. Our initial advice is to work on moving things off your plate and into your team so you can find the time to continue your development.  Your CEO should welcome the idea of you joining a Mentor Group, it’ll help them too. A CIO/CTO that can gain through external independent and impartial experts is a good thing for your company’s growth and your succession planning.


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