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Is Society Ready?
Throughout history it has been the case that technology is available before its introduction is culturally acceptable to society.

In 2000 I was lecturing on IPv6, VoIP and Mobile IP. To relate the application of topics to delegates there were a number of scenarios I used describe. Although at the time the technology existed they seemed futuristic to many. With the introduction of this simple device from Samsung I suggest that the automotive scenario is with us now. leverage REMS experience today.
  1. User Story - While driving in your car the satnav redirects you from a route you would normally follow. On following the directions you arrive at a car dealership with a mechanic waiting with a headlight bulb that they subsequently replace in your vehicle while you wait and sends you on your way with minimum delay.

    Please contact me directly if you wish me to explain this scenario in greater detail or the one I used for your industry.
  2. Remember - In 2000 we did not have smartphones or mobile wallets (2006 iPhone launched, seen as first smartphone as we know today) and Satnav was only available in some of the more expensive cars. E Commerce was in its infancy (Paypal started in 1998). Now we hear stories of people driving into rivers as they blindly follow the satnav directions to the word and think nothing of paying with contactless payment via our smart phone!
  • In the background - technology has been working
The computer units in your car are constantly monitoring all vital signs and components from tyre pressure to oil viscosity, from light bulbs to engine temperature. They note that a light bulb has blown, rather than illuminate a warning sign on the dashboard they search the internet for available dealerships in an every increasing circle from your current location and known route. Considering direction of travel they identify a dealer with a genuine part in stock that has a minimum deviation from the intended route.
The part is reserved using predefined electronic payment details, within permitted credit limits in the dealer CRM system and stock levels are updated in the ERP system, your account is debited. The dealership is notified and a mechanic assigned with the necessary instructions on how to replace the bulb in the specific model of your car. The dealer is regularly updated on your estimated time of arrival at their premises, a maintenance bay is allocated and scheduled in with other expected vehicles. When the bulb is replaced the vehicle computer recognises the change, closes the order in the CRM system as well as modifying the SatNav back to the origin destination.